TCU Senate Candidates from the Class of 2018

Special Election

Claudia Mihm

Hey! I’m Claudia and I’m running to be your Class of 2018 Senator. Over my two years here at Tufts, I have interacted with many senators, and have come to know the work they do well. As a junior previously not involved in Senate, I am able to bring fresh eyes to many issues that Senate focuses on, while still having over two years of experience here at Tufts to back up my perspectives. As a senator, I want to elevate the voices of the many students here coming together and working for what they believe. I specifically want to focus on holding Tufts accountable for making resources and support easily accessible for survivors of sexual assault, and working with members of the community to continue to make our campus feel welcoming for every individual and identity.

Anna Sossenheimer

Hello Tufts! I’m Anna Soss, and it would just tickle me to represent you as a Class of 2018 TCU Senator!! I hail from the lovely mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah, and you can usually find me frolicking in the wilderness, reading feminist prose, and petting cats. As a senator, I would strive to make Tufts a happier, safer, and more welcoming/inclusive space by working with students and administrators to tackle important topics like promoting student activism and administrative accountability.

Justin Will

Class of 2018, my name is Justin Will and I'm a quantitative economics major seeking the opportunity to represent you as a member of TCU Senate. It is my hope that as a TCU senator I could make Tufts a more welcoming place to people with different backgrounds and viewpoints by fostering a greater sense of community and understanding. I think it is essential for Tufts to expand access and availability to counseling and mental health services in order to help students with the tough transition from high school to college. I would also like to see students' views better represented when it comes to programming and for Senior Pub Night to come back as it has become a part of the Tufts experience.

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